Accepting Commissions (portraits)

As practice for my new hobby I will be accepting commission requests.

At the moment I am working only with pencil and on paper no bigger than 8 1/2 x 11.

As I am only a beginner and have done extensive research on this, I will be pricing my work according to size and the number of subjects in the picture. I have reduced my price drastically from what accomplished artists are asking for on their websites.

Examples of my work can be seen in my postings on July 7, 2014 entitled “Art for Sale”, “Sheala” and “City of Toronto”

A general guideline is as follows:

1 subject – 5×7 = $70
1 subject – 8×10 = $150
2 subjects – 8×10 = $200

I can accept photo reference by email and will advise on the length of time it will take to finish the project. I would usually aim at no more that one week.

Please note that prices are for the picture only. There is no matting and no frame and does not include the cost of shipping the final product to you.

If you have any questions, please email me at heyuitsme77@yahoo.ca

Thank you,

Skye McKinnon


Black And White Orchid Paper Within

The life, poetry and art of a bipolar girl

A natural narcotic,
A mood change.
Like ecstasy or cocaine
Except it remains
And the user is never the same.

The ecstatic, euphoric high does not stray
Despite the lack of a hit;
she is now so incredibly witty,
Entertaining and philosophically audacious
Like Oscar Wilde.

She becomes a creative platform;
Ecstatically bleeding willowy words
From the depths of her profound soul.
She whimsically clasps the silver biro
As she impulsively imprints esoteric words
On her own black and white orchid paper
That she hides within;
The ink sometimes showing on her skin.
She desires to remain in the golden, nocturnal maze
And fears the return of tsunamis of pain.

A revelation, the real reason why
She cried at Amy Winehouse’s death
Similar to how she watched herself cry
When she listened to Tears Dry On Their Own for the first time.

She has a newfound admiration for Jimi Hendrix,

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